JVC DVD-R Everest Thermal Printable Silver (4.7Gb/120Min) x 100


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JVC Recordable DVD suitable for DVD-R PC-drives and duplication equipment

For those serious about getting the most for their money, look no further than JVC Recordable DVD Media. JVC’s line of DVD+/-R media is superior, high-performance media with an exceptionally low error rate that can be used for video recording or data archival, amongst other purposes. Record up to 4.7GB at a blazing speed of 24X and still receive the ultimate in playback performance and compatibility. The silver printable side of the disc allows for superior thermal printing on the Everest printer.

Manufacturers Part No.: JDMR-SPT-SK16

Capacity: 4.7Gb/120Min
Colour: Silver
Pack Size: 100 Discs

Technical Specifications:

  • Disc Diameter 120 mm
  • Disc Thickness 1.2 mm
  • 1x 16x write speed


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